For most individuals, going to the gym can be an extremely unpleasant experience. I wanted to create a gym for young adults that would provide the best fitness experience possible. I already had an idea of what my users would want, because my target audience was consumers like me: a college-age individual who is passionate about fitness. 
Pact Plates is a fitness brand that combines modern aesthetics with an unmatched gym experience. The brand features a state-of-the-art gym and an integrated nutrition restaurant, with the goal to create a gym that shows the passion and fun in the fitness industry.
Before I could ultimately conduct this project, I needed to research other gym-goers experiences, and find out the needs and wants from similar consumers. This would give me the best information to move forward. I conducted a set of interviews and surveys to better understand my audience. The interviews revealed previous personal findings, in which most pain points in the gym were coming from a lack of space in the gym, and the lack of healthy, quick, food options. The interviews also helped solidify my design choice of clean, fun, design.
The survey revealed that both the sense of community at a gym and the importance of gymwear are not significant considerations for most people when choosing a gym, which contradicted my original personal thoughts. This suggests a need to focus more on the quality of equipment, cost, and designing a place people would feel comfortable and confident, rather than on building a “community” or offering branded gymwear.
Pact Plates targets two main groups: college-aged gym enthusiasts focused on physical fitness, and social media influencers passionate about fitness. The influencers use their platforms to inspire followers, while the young adults seek a motivating and comfortable gym environment. These groups together create a dynamic audience, emphasizing personal growth and a welcoming environment. 
Name Development
Originally called “Pact Fitness”, the name was changed to “Pact Plates” to go all in on the combination of nutrition and fitness.
Pact Plates combines a commitment to fitness and nutrition in its name. “Pact” signifies the promise to quality and a healthy lifestyle, while “Plates” refers to both a nutritious meal and the 45-pound weight plates used in training. This name reflects the mission to merge healthy eating with strength training.
Logo Development
In the original stages, the feel of the brand felt more modern and clean, which made a classic wordmark seem like the right choice. Later, the project switched gears, and I started to sketch isomorphic marks.
Final Brand Mark
Emblems, Medallions, and Secondary Symbols

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