In the ISTD project, I had the opportunity to choose from various prompts for my assignment. I selected "The Line" prompt, which focused on exploring the concept of lines in both literal and abstract ways. This prompt tasked us with investigating the multifaceted nature of lines—from the physical lines that we see and use every day to more conceptual interpretations like timelines or lines of text.
The project guidelines required a strategic approach where the design had to speak to a considered audience thoughtfully and purposefully. The assessment emphasized not just visual excellence but also how well the design addressed the core challenge of the brief. This involved rigorous research, strategic planning, and typographic skills to ensure the outcome was both effective and aesthetically compelling. I was expected to explore multiple ideas through sketchbook research, clearly define a target audience, and develop a design that responded to this audience's needs and context, culminating in a set of deliverables that included strategy, research, design development, specifications, and final outcomes. 
I aimed to present "life lines" that offer guidance and insight for emerging adults who are both curious and anxious about their futures. I asked close friends and classmates to give me a personal "life line" that they related to, and I was able to document and design a page for each line. By employing simple, impactful typography and narrative, I wanted to connect deeply with my audience, offering them humor and optimism as they navigate life's complexities. This project was a chance to merge visual storytelling with life's intangible experiences, creating a relatable and thought-provoking exploration of lines in everyday life.

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