The objective of this project was to create a calendar that visually interprets the music of The Pixies, reflecting a personal and immediate reaction to each song. The goal was to encapsulate the emotional and thematic essence of the music through graphic design. 
Drawing inspiration from the visually striking and abstract artwork created by v23 for 4AD Records in the 1990s, this calendar sought to channel the same innovative spirit. The works of Vaughan Oliver, along with his collaborators at v23, provided a cool reference that informed the project’s direction, emphasizing a creative and individual response to music through visual art.
I listened to every album The Pixies originally released, ranging from Come on Pilgrim to Trompe le Monde. Every interesting lyric I heard, I instantly wrote it down. This led to extensive list of song lyrics that I was able to work with. While looking over my favorite lyrics, I tied each lyric to a specific month, and started designing from there. What started off as rough sketches turned into crazy pieces of art. 
January - "Snow falling down, freeze my body to the ground", "All Over the World", Bossanova (1990)
February - "Won't you please run over me", "Levitate Me", Come On Pilgrim (1987)
March - "Before I died, I took my Honda and packed it up, up, up to Arizona, (honey)", "I'm Amazed", Surfer Rosa (1988)
April - "Makes you wanna feel, try, blow the stars from the sky", "Head On", Trompe le Monde (1991)
May - "A ringing bell behind my smile, it shakes my teeth", "I Bleed", Doolittle (1989)
June - "Walked the sand with crustaceans", "Wave of Mutilation", Doolittle (1989)
July - "And you're going to the beach all day", "Bone Machine", Surfer Rosa (1988)
August - "You can cry, you can mope, but can you swing from a good rope", "Mr. Grieves", Doolittle (1989)
September - "And how does lemur skin reflect the sea", "Velouria", Bossanova (1990)
October - "Fall on your face in those bad shoes", "Tame", Doolittle (1989)
November - "A big, big stone fall and break my crown", "Here Comes Your Man", Doolittle (1989)
December - "Now it occurred to me as he drove away, D=RT*", "Space (I Believe In)", Trompe le Monde (1991)
Jack - "Stand close to the fire when they light the pig", "No. 13 Baby", Doolittle (1989)

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